Organising Health For Your Hooves

EquiCare enables you to document health and services history, organise and arrange appointments on the go. 

EquiCare will be with you every step of the way as you care for your horse’s health and wellbeing.

Expand each of the sections below for an in depth look into each feature of EquiCare!

Calendar System

Nothing feels better than being up to date and organised. EquiCare has the key. With our unique Calendar System, it is simple to see and arrange appointments within your busy schedule. EquiCare’s Calendar System also has the ability to sync with iOS and Android phone calendars in order for users to view appointments created within EquiCare through personal calendars. It is the simplest way to keep everything on track.

Stable Feature

The Stable Feature within EquiCare allows users to create an endless amount of Horse Profiles. Regardless of how many horses you have, EquiCare has got you covered. You can input individual horse information into each profile and document their health needs. Within EquiCare’s Stable Feature, you can easily keep track of each horse and view their personal health care records.

Health Categories

EquiCare’s Health Categories offer users with essential horse care needs at the touch of a finger. Create events and appointments for each horse through this feature. Select specific treatments and appointments whilst accessing your contacts and applying the adequate dates, repeat intervals, times and reminder notifications… all in one easy location. These events and appointments will then sync with your calendar and horse profiles.


EquiCare allows users to upload all their equine professionals in one place. Managing your contacts has never been easier with this EquiCare feature. Categorise all of your contacts according to occupation and input individual correspondence details. You will never misplace their contacts again!

Reminder System

EquiCare’s inbuilt Reminder System keeps you up to date and on track with all of your horse health care appointments. Tailor your reminder system to your personal needs through the adaptable reminder intervals and receive App notifications prior to your appointments.

Document Uploads

Uploading documents to EquiCare is simple and straightforward. Input notes, horse papers and registrations, including vet, specialist and health care reports. This feature is available for each Horse Profile and Health Category. Never misplace your horse records again and file them in this easy to access location.