Organising Health For

Your Hooves

 The horse health management app making disciplined horse care fun and easy!

EquiCare is a smartphone app which provides a management platform that assists horse owners to be organised and stay on top of their horse care.

Our management system will assist you in reaching all your goals by giving you all the tools you need to ensure your horses health is the best it can be.

No matter what discipline you are in, EquiCare will be an essential tool to keep you organised during your day to day life. 

  • Horse Needs 100% 100%
  • Owner Needs 100% 100%

EquiCare is an easy and efficient way to keep track of your horse’s health needs … it includes a user-friendly layout, treatment schedule and reminder system that can be tailored to your horse’s management calendar.

EquiCare also enables you to document health history and arrange appointments on the go

– This App can manage it all!

User-friendly Layout

Our layout has been carefully designed by top riders and developers to ensure efficiency in your life and at the stables.

Key App Features


  • Record all health management needs
  • Create an unlimited number of horse profiles
  • Treatment schedule & reminder systems tailored to your horse management calendar
  • Contact section managing all equine contacts and profession categories
  • And more…

The Creators

CreatureCare is an Australian owned business based in Victoria. Our mission is to simplify the way in which horse care is approached within every sector of the industry.

We have a passion in caring for all animals and we want to ensure that we provide the simplest platforms for people to achieve this in their everyday lives.

Our mission is to redefine the way horse health is monitored, recorded and tracked all over the world.